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Celebrating IWD2024 With Stakeholders


08 April 2024

This year, Fund Tanzania Trust (WFT-T) celebrated the International Women's Day (IWD) through participation in various spaces./events organized by stakeholders/movement actors, while others were celebration events organized in collaboration with various stakeholders. The aim was to utilize the spaces for joint celebration, reflection, knowledge exchange and advocating with other women. All the events were conducted under the theme, "Invest in Women; Accelerate Progress

Celebrating IWD in collaboration with Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy: In collaboration with women leaders from Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy, WFT-T celebrated IWD on the 9th of March 2024, at Nendiwe Wellness Centre. The event provided an opportunity to reflect on women's rights, mental health, and the journey towards gender equality, fostering dialogue and sharing experiences among participants.

PreIWD Annual VIP Event: WFT-T kicked off the celebrations by participating in the PreIWD 2024 Annual VIP event organized by Azurite Management Consultancy on 1 March 2024. The event served as a platform to honor and uplift Tanzanian women, bringing together government officials, civil society organizations, and companies. Discussions at the event revolved around the role of the public and private sectors in supporting women advancement, particularly in senior roles within the mining industry.

Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC) & Women Human Rights Defenders Tanzania (CWHRD) Roundtable Discussion: On March 6, 2024, WFT-T joined a roundtable discussion organized by THRDC and CWHRD to celebrate Women Directors of Human Rights Organizations. The dialogue was aimed at catalyzing collaborative efforts towards gender equality and economic freedom, and recognizing the invaluable contributions of women human rights defenders in driving social change.

Women in Management Africa (WIMA) Summit: WFT-T actively participated in the Women in Management Africa (WIMA) Summit on 8 March. Discussions at the summit explored critical topics such as sustainable business practices, financial inclusion, inclusive leadership in the extractive industries, and challenges faced by adolescent girls.

WAWA Mentorship Programme Closing: WFT-T took part in the closing ceremony of the WAWA leadership mentorship programme on the 1st of March 2024. The event coincided with the kickoff of Women's Month and IWD celebrations. This event marked the culmination of the first cohort of CSO Women Directors leadership programme and served as a platform to celebrate their achievements in advancing women's rights in Tanzania. The programme is also supported by WFTT

NZOWA Film Previewing Session: On March 8, WFT-T engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue during the Nzowa Film previewing session, organized by Media for Development and Advocacy (MEDEA). The session was organized in celebration of Women's Month. The session shed light on the impact of child marriages and discussed strategies to create a supportive environment for female storytellers in the film industry. This cinematic session also was aimed at contributing towards the growth of the local film industry, with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and empowerment.


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