Move With Us:

We want every woman, girl & child to be empowered & free from, violence and having voice & agency in leadership and political participation.


From the outset, we believed it was important for WFT Trust to promote a grant making model that offers an inclusive package of support to give voice and visibility to marginalized women on controversial issues. We do this through a twoway approach focusing on local level grant making and on strategic national coalition building.


Outcome 1:

The work and agency of feminist WRO’s, groups and movements are resourced


Outcome 2:

WFT Trust & WROs have strong, healthy, resilient & sustainable feminist institutional bases.


Outcome 3:

There is a strong feminist movement and the visibility, voice and agency of women, girls & children in their diversity is amplified.


Outcome 4:

Power structures & systems as well as norms & beliefs are shifted in favor of women, girls & children rights.


WFT-T will build on the previous work and experiences through the five key programming strategies in the next five years

These key programming strategic areas are: Grant making and management, capabilities strengthening and learning, strengthening the feminist
and children’s movement, resource mobilisation and financial sustainability, and strengthening and sustaining a healthy and growing women’s Trust Fund.


We aim to make grants accessible to women’s movement(s), women’s organisations, women’s groups and individual women at the local level, contributing to enhanced capacity, and better equipped stakeholders in order to protect and promote women’s rights.


This strategy intends to resource Women’s, children’s, and other social justice organisations/movements (with a focus on grassroots-based organisations) through grant-making and management and serve as a catalyst to deepen and accelerate sustain transformative changes in women’s and children’s rights protection, feminist movement building, amplifying their voice, visibility, and agency.

WFT Trust believes in and invests in harnessing the immense power of the feminist women’s movement(s) that arises from combining engagement platforms, experiences, and collaborative processes that harness the insights, knowledge, skills, and ingenuity of organizations, groups, individuals and activists working in Tanzania.

Through its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and initiatives led by and for women, community-based organizations, groups, institutions and transformative/progressive men-led organizations working on a feminist agenda) that are based and operating in Tanzania.

women trust fund (WFT) what we do
women trust fund (WFT) what we do
women trust fund (WFT) what we do

Grant-Making Activities :Women Fund Trust Tanzania,MOU singing with grantees



The objective of this strategy is to catalyze and strengthen capabilities of women’s organizations and other social justice movements through mentorship shared learning, and training that supports ideological clarity on feminism, movement building, activism and the promotion of viability, sustainability, leadership, and effective institutions whose work is collaborative and visibly contributes towards transformative changes in society.

This is a critical element in WFT-T interventions through which WROs, grassroots groups, women’s and other social justice movements, including children builds relevant feminist-based capability to mobilize, protect and sustain transformative changes/social shifts individually and collectively.

WFT-T focuses in investing more in supporting our grantee-partners and movement actors to live on feminist values and principles, as well as build more functional and feminist organization

We work closely with these actors to enhance their own feminist ideological and conceptual clarity on rights agenda which is key in informing their feminist work and outcomes. Furthermore, WFT-Trust focus on supporting growth of feminist leadership of WROs, CROs and women’s movements, to work towards strengthening their organizations and movements through entrenchment of feminist values and systems within organizations to ultimately achieve intergenerational, intersectional, and inclusive outcomes


Strengthening the feminist women & children's movement

We aim to strengthen strategic alliances and links between women’s rights organizations and women’s movement (s) in Tanzania and beyond for collective action in achieving women’s rights.

The objective of this key intervention area is to facilitate and promote transformative strategies to strengthen and deepen the adoption of a feminist agenda, approaches, and collective actions within the women’s rights organizations and social justice organizations, groups, platforms, coalitions, networks and across movements, generations, and national borders that contribute to dismantling patriarchal norms and narratives , structures and systems for substantive social justice outcomes

The role of funding feminist women’s movement building processes, as that of supporting and nurturing stronger and feminist-based organizations, networking and coalition building strategies, as well as documenting of “herstory” of women and girls’ narratives for visibility, voicing and amplifying contributions within the women’s movements so as to transform positional power and patriarchy in different ways.

WFT Trust plays a thought leadership role which, when necessary, through funding spaces or convening for WROs and women’s rights movements to reflect, share, learn and unlearn from each other.

.All these range of strategies applied in feminist movement building are critical ingredients for supporting WROs, Women Movements and activists to go deepen their strategies for raising their voice collectively and promoting inclusiveness in their implementation processes for building and sustaining their agenda/ work at different levels.



The HerStory Coalition focuses on promoting feminist popular narratives and documentation in Tanzania. It has provided a space for deeper understanding of transformative feminism which aims at building a stronger feminist movement through producing and reproducing knowledge and discourses from women’s perspectives and ownership.

The Coalition provides conceptual and strategic direction to its members and enhances capacity of potential young feminists to carry out transformative feminist analysis, create visibility of issues, actions and alternatives and coach and mentor role models who inspire hope and action and populate resources for the same.


The SRHR Coalition is the newest WFT-T supported platform which was formed in 2022 as a result of findings of a study of key actors and agenda priority issues within the SRHR space.

At the moment the coalition brings together 90+ women and children right organizations working in sexual and reproductive health space whereas the main focus seems to be on the medical aspects of SRHR.

"Strengthening the intersectionality of the SRHR actors & agenda within the women and children's movement, for a feminist, stronger and functional Platform/Coalition."

Currently, the Coalition is supporting a campaign on advocating for increase of maternity leave initially for mothers of preterm babies and babies with special needs from 84 to 180 days but ultimately extending to all women as they exercise their right to safe and respectful motherhood. This agenda is borne from the realisation that women don't just give birth, they are bringing to the nation critical human resource which is a pre requisite for our national development.



The Anti-Sextortion Coalition Tanzania is a diverse and active growing coalition supported by WFT-T, the Coalition has broadened its membership from 128 to now more than 150 member organizations and individual women and girl activists from all over the country, with a unique operation bringing about the intersectionality of women rights organizations, disability Organizations, children's rights organizations, mainstream, professional membership associations as well as individuals' activists.

Sextortion Involves A Request - Whether Explicit Or Implicit - To Engage In Sexual Activity. The Form Of Sexual Activity Need Not Involve Sexual Intercourse Or Even Physical Touching But Could Be Any Form Of Unwanted Sexual Activity

The coalition has been functional since 2013 with the main objective of raising a collective voice through a joint national campaign titled "BREAK THE SILENCE: SEXTORTION HUMILIATES AND KILLS".


Sextortion has a devastating impact on victims Sextortion is a wide-ranging problem and not isolated to social media, websites or apps. Sextortion is an increasingly pervasive threat if could not be addressed, it will continue to threaten the well-being of society, erode social trust and worsen the already available gender inequities in various contexts of our nation.


The coalition is concerned about the campaign threat of the “claw-back” clause (sub-section (ii) to Section 25 of the PCCB Act), whose implications, if the law is passed, will victimize and silence sincere and innocent victims who have been coerced as it carries the playing victim syndrome by concealing reality while unfairly protecting the perpetrators. Thus, the coalition called for the deletion of the proposed subsection 25 (ii) of the PCCB Act.




Women’s rights to participation and representation in leadership & decision-making same as men.



Women’s rights to participation and representation in leadership & decision-making same as men.



Women’s rights to participation and representation in leadership & decision-making same as men.



Women’s rights to participation and representation in leadership & decision-making same as men.

The Coalition on Women’s Constitution Election and Leadership is a platform established in 2015, with the aim of promoting women’s political participation and equal representation in politics and public life as key criteria and essential in a democracy.

The coalition currently has more than 180 members from across Tanzania and came into being as an organ that brought together women from all walks of life to raise collective voices during the constitution amendment process which coordinated groups of women’s rights advocates with diverse expertise and lived experiences that greatly informed the constitution writing process and content and subsequently succeeded to have 11 key considerations accepted into the draft constitution as drafted by the National Committee on the Constitution Amendments Process popularly known TUME YA WARIOBA. Since then the coalition has been working in collaboration with members, partners, government institutions (NEC, ZEC, ORPP), political parties, media individual activists and feminist movement organizations to develop systems and strategies that inform programmes to help embed gender analysis throughout all aspects of women’s political leadership and end violence against women in politics and election.



As a national feminist women Fund our primary role is to mobilize resources locally, regionally, and internationally to build and maintain a diversified and sustainable resource base to support, protect and promote feminist/women and children’s rights agenda in Tanzania.

WFT-Trust uses resources as a vehicle to drive transformative change and give voice and visibility too hard to reach marginalized local women sheroes in their diversities in Tanzania. Moreover, through our partnerships and collaborative work with women/feminist Fund and other like-minded Funds, we shall continue to engage in promoting our donor-influencing work where we aim to learn, share, and collectively contribute towards shifting money power to more feminist work and with improved ‘decolonized’ nature of funding.

WFT-T sustains its resources mobilization strategies through implementing a robust financial sustainability and management thirty years plan. Working in partnerships with funders, supports and donors WFT-T is positioned to continue funding and supporting WROs, women’s and other social movements to transform selected formal and informal structures, systems, and institutions which continue to deny the rights of women, girls, children, and other social groups. In addition, such support enables the challenging of the value systems, which often position women, girls, children, and other marginalized groups as second-hand citizens, a situation which hinders the realization of a Tanzania society where women, girls, children, and other marginalized groups realize their full potential and transform their communities. This is the ultimate shift of power we seek to catalyze.



WFT-Trust invest in maintaining and continuously improve a healthy and sustainable organizational base which is the platform for realizing and delivering on its mandate which is derived from its vision and mission.

WFT-T will invest in its institutional support and capacity building as an integral part for ensuring delivery and sustainability of its Strategic Plan 2021-2021(Shifting power collectively: Accessing funding to women, girls and children in Tanzania) priority areas. With this in mind, WFT-T will continue to invest in building key foundations for the Fund to play its key roles based on feminist ideologies and principles.

Working with other partners , grantees and key movement actors, WFT-T will facilitate and promote transformative strategies to strengthen and deepen the adoption of a feminist agenda, approaches, and collective actions within the women’s rights organizations and social justice organizations, groups, platforms, coalitions, networks and across movements, generations, and national borders that contribute to dismantling patriarchal norms and narratives, structures and systems for substantive social justice outcomes.

women trust fund (WFT) what we do
women trust fund (WFT) what we do
women trust fund (WFT) what we do

Strengthening And Sustaining A Healthy And Growing Women’s Trust Fund

Theo Sowa, guest of honour - 15th Anniversary of WFT-T


WFTT Fund Partner Grantees

Since the beginning of WFT-T has been able to form strategic partnerships and provide support to more than 433 organizations. This partnership/support provided went out to institutions and organizations that both grassroot level and those working at the national level


Number of people reached

Through various interventions WFT-T has impacted more than 68589 individuals directly.

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