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The Impact of Women Fund Trust Tanzania in Advancing Women's Rights.


Addressing Teenage Pregnancies Through Big Sisters& Brothers Project


KINARA for Youth Evolution, a nongovernmental organization that advocates for SRHR issues, has been implementing the ‘Big Sister, Big Brother’ project in Morogoro District.


TPHF Brings Smiles and Hope to Female Ex-Prisoners


Life is never easy for prisoners, especially women, as they face a barrage of challenges once they step their foot out of prison to taste freedom,


Strengthening NPA-VAWC Committees to Protect Girl Rights


Life has never been the same for the 18-year-old Minza Charles after she was forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy, last year.


Addressing Patriarchy, Harmful Traditions, and Practices Affecting Women and Girls


Maria Luhangija is a Sukuma woman born in Nyamikoma Village but lives in Nyasato Village Magu District Mwanza Region, where she is married.

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TDWN Pushes for Domestic Workers’ Rights


The Tanzania Domestic Workers Network (TDWN) has created a platform for amplifying the rights and enhancing decent work for domestic workers in the country.

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Mimutie Launches Anti-GBV Coalition for Indigenous Communities


In a bid to eliminate gender-based violence within indigenous communities, Mimutie, a women's rights organization, launched an Anti GBV Coalition for indigenous communities (CAIC-Tanzania), in Arusha recently.


YAWE: Keeping School Children Safe in Shinyanga


Shinyanga Region has the highest prevalence of child pregnancies (34%), high school dropouts (500+girls), and the highest prevalent occurrence of child marriages (59%), various researches have revealed.

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Rafiki SDO- Changing Perceptions on Women and Children's Rights


Awareness raising to community members through parenting and caregiver groups has greatly stimulated change in perceptions towards women and girls and reduced child marriages in Ilola ward.


Using Animation to Curb Sexual Corruption


"Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture on our minds

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Women Platforms Strengthen Empowerment Drive


Power imbalance among men and women in Shinyanga Region are fueled by cultural beliefs and male domination that has been dominating the area since time immemorial.


Media Pushes To Eradicate Violence Against Women & Children in Shinyanga


Media play a pivotal role in fighting violence against Women and Children, becoming the voice for the voiceless, pushing for change, and quick decision-making measures by government leaders on policies and laws to curb the problem.


Stakeholders Join Forces to End VAWC in Shinyanga


Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) continues to be a thorn in the flesh for Shinyanga residents as it profoundly impacts the emotional, behavioral, and physical health of both children and women

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TUWALEE Project Liberates Shinyanga Women from Jaws of GBV


Women in Shinyanga have been primary victims of Gender Based Violence for a very long time, due to the proliferation of Sukuma patriarchal system, cultural norms and values among other factors

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Changing Society’s Perception of Female Domestic Workers


Being a woman and a domestic worker in Africa, especially Tanzania is a double tragedy. Despite grappling with negative attitudes and ridicule they face from society,.....

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Stories From Our Communities


On Stories From Our Communities, Women's Trust Fund shares inspiring stories of women who have benefited from their programs.




Criminal case no 23/2022 opened at the Resident Magistrate’s court Arusha region in September 2022.

TAWIDO Success Story


TAWIDO is an NGO based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that operates a call center providing counselling, referral, and health information services for GBV survivors and families, HIV/AIDS patients, and other marginalized groups

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