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SRHR Coalition Commends Govt For Extending maternity leave


08 July 2024

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) coalition led by Doris Mollel Foundation has hailed the Tanzanian government for accepting a request to extend maternity leave for women who give birth to premature babies.

The government's decision was announced by President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan, in a speech read on her behalf by the Vice President, Dr. Philip Isdor Mpango, during the International Workers' Day (May Day) celebrations in Arusha.

Addressing a press conference in Dar-es-Salaam recently, the DMF Executive Director Doris Mollel hailed the government position, before sharing with journalists how the idea/journey began, and how they collaborated with various stakeholders in the public and private sectors to ensure that the government receives the idea. the which was participated by representatives from SRHR coalition members,

Doris highlighted that the government’s position is that if an employee gives birth to a premature child, the period of special care will not be counted as part of her maternity leave, instead the leave will start after the end of the care period, as confirmed by doctors.

Also, the worker concerned will be allowed to leave her work station at 1:30pm every day for six months, after the end of maternity leave, to give her the opportunity to breastfeed.

Speaking to the journalists during the same gathering, coalition members said that they are ready to cooperate with the government in the implementation of the new measures, by ensuring that the issue is included in labour laws, in collaboration with various stakeholders such as the Tanzania Confederation of Trade Unions (TUCTA).

A coalition member, Dr. Dinnah Mbaga, said that the coalition wishes to see the issues discussed by the government on Workers' Day in relation to the extension of maternity leave to female workers, when they give birth to premature babies, coming to fruition.

"We really want what was said to be included in the law, because without the law, we will not know whether it is being implemented or not. With our unity and voices, we will work with the government so that the law can work," Dr Mbaga added.

The coalition members also congratulated DMF for leading the advocacy initiatives that help to save the lives of young children, a movement that has largely contributed to the achievement of this success.

“Iwapo mfanyakazi atajifungua mtoto njiti, kipindi cha uangalizi maalumu hakitahesabiwa kama likizo ya uzazi. Likizo ya uzazi itaanza baada tu ya kumalizika kwa kipindi hicho cha uangalizi,kadri madaktari watakavyothibitisha, Vile vile mfanyakazi husika ataruhusiwa kutoka kazini saa 7.30 mchana kila siku kwa muda wa miezi sita baada yakumalizika kwa likizo ya uzazi ili kumpa fursa ya Kwenda kunyonyesha,” Hon Dr Philip Isdory Mpango, Vice President, URT


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