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Stakeholders Celebrate Mwami Ntare HerStory


19 April 2024

On April 13, 2024, Women Fund Tanzania, in collaboration with the HerStory Coalition, the family of Mwami Tereza, and the National Museum of Tanzania, organized an event to celebrate Mwami Ntare II. Mwami Tereza Ntare was the first paramount female chief in the country. She became a leader at the age of 19, inheriting the chieftaincy due to her father's progressive decision which was not limited by gender norms and traditions of the time.

The primary objective of the celebration event was to recognize and honor the leadership and contributions of Chief Tereza Ntare II in advancing the agenda of women's leadership, welfare, and development in the country. Additionally, the event aimed to educate the public on the significance of acknowledging and highlighting the achievements of women in leadership roles and their contributions to national development. It also provided a platform for discussions and reflections on the involvement of government, institutions, stakeholders, and society as a whole in documenting women's Herstories

The celebration of the achievements of Mwami Tereza Ntare II took place at the National Museum Center and convened representatives from various sectors including the government, the Mwami Ntare family, stakeholders in women's and girls' rights, students from primary, secondary, and universities, members of the media, and other interested parties."

The celebration event comprised various sessions, including speeches, intergenerational dialogues, traditional dances from the Waha tribe, role-playing, panel discussions, documentary screening, and exhibition.

During his speech, the guest of honor Hon Dr. Damas Ndumbaro- Minister of Culture, Art, and Sports, confirmed that the government has received a request for the construction of the Mwami Ntare Museum in Kigoma, as well as a special museum dedicated to honoring the contributions of women who participated in the liberation of Tanzania.

"The National Museum is ready to collaborate with various stakeholders in conducting research and collecting artifacts that will facilitate the establishment of the Mwami Tereza Ntare Museum, ensuring the continuation of honoring its history for the benefit of society"

Zitto Kabwe, former leader of ACT Wazalendo, who also participated in the event, remarked that the celebration of Mwami Ntare challenged patriarchal systems and broadened people's understanding of history.

"We had a female ruler, a traditional chief, who received all the all the respect without a doubt. This means that there are numerous narratives of women whose contributions have shaped the nation's trajectory, yet much of their stories remain undocumented". commented Zitto

Another stakeholder emphasized that preserving this Herstory is not merely a historical initiative but it is a crucial method of empowering future generations. Through making concerted efforts to research, document, and preserve the stories of Tanzanian women, we can ensure that their contributions are never forgotten.

The celebration and honoring of Mwami Tereza Ntare are strategically linked to a broader agenda of increasing women's political participation by 50% for the upcoming Tanzania local government elections this year. By highlighting Mwami Theresa's leadership, the coalition aims to inspire and mobilize women to actively engage in politics, emphasizing the importance of their voices in local governance. The celebration serves as an important space for encouraging young women to assume leadership roles, fostering intergenerational political empowerment."


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